Drawing and painting for the majority of my life lead me to an inspired position as a Tattoo Artist. I've always enjoyed art, but it wasn't until my good friend Mike introduced an actual tattoo machine to me, that I took tattooing into consideration. Intrigued from the start I knew right away I had found something I was genuinely interested in. I began my search for an apprenticeship but had no luck. Determined, I absorbed any and all information I could get my hands on... Boom! After a year I practically tripped on the opportunity to work in a shop. Never receiving a traditional apprenticeship the real struggle of an artist began. I was reliant on the artists that surrounded me and my obsession with the craft, asking any and all questions I could think up, to progress. In time I developed a better understanding for the art of tattooing which lead me to where I am at now... I am now focusing more on realism, new school, traditional, and cartoon. I love the technical aspects of color and black and grey. Although I tattoo both color and black and grey I always seem to lean towards color. There is no limit as to where or how far I can bring my art. So sit back relax and watch me manifest some bad ass Art!