.. established in north downtown Orlando by business/art/life partners Earl Funk and Steve Roberts. After searching high and low in 2015, the dynamic duo opened their private tattoo and art studio in historic Ivanhoe Village.  With sweeping views of Lake Ivanhoe and Gaston Edward’s Park, the prime location makes a beautiful backdrop giving clients and artists a picturesque view of Orlando.  The discerning founders sought the most talented artists for The East.  Curtis Aldrich and James Amsden rewarded their search in 2016.  In 2017 artist Trevor Rochette was welcomed into the fold.  In 2018 Leanna Roberts began to offer microblading services, and Derek Jennings & Sammy Van Higgins joined the team.  

Funk and Roberts decided to find an even more inspiring location that would allow these gifted artists the room to grow.  They also wanted to find a space that would elevate every customer’s experience.  With a realty swap in August 2018, The East moved a few steps south from its original location keeping the badass view, the studio was expanded and filled with an arsenal of talented artists.  

The East kicked off its grand re-opening celebration with a Flash Day event held on October 6th, 2018.  Each artist created several unique designs for clients to choose from.  Customers were tattooed on a first come, first served basis and the turnout was unprecedented!  In the evening, a customer appreciation party was held the Hammered Lamb.  Due to high demand, The East will be announcing more events in the future!

In order to eliminate the distractions that are present in common tattoo shops, The East operates as a fully private, appointment-only tattoo and art studio during the week.  Our privacy enhances your experience by allowing your artist to focus their attention entirely on you and your tattoo.  With the expansion came an adjustment to our strict “Appointment-Only” policy.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we open our doors and welcome walk-ins.  Weekends are a great time to visit our studio, check out artist portfolios, meet with the artists (per availability), view our gallery, and shop our merchandise.

Check out our weekly update to find out about upcoming events, to get the inside scoop as we profile each of our events and our artists, sharing their favorite tattoo of the week!